Museo Sub Acuático MUSA

In 2009 a monumental underwater contemporary museum of art called MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte) was formed in the waters surrounding Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc.

The first three life-size human figures, "The gardener of Hope", "The Collector of Lost Dreams" and "Man on Fire", were immersed by the British artist Jason de Caires Taylor.

The project now consists of over 500 permanent life-size sculptures and is one of the largest and most ambitious underwater artificial art attractions in the world.

They can be visited both diving and snorkeling from the surface. This museum is located just 1 km away from the hotel Villas Coco Resorts. With the turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean as a backdrop, the Cancun Underwater Sculpture Museum opens a fantasy world to all its visitors.

Punta Sur

This amazing place is located only 1 km away (0.6 miles), where nature has carved cliffs with a truly extraordinary beauty.

Right here you will find the wonderful Mayan temple dedicated to the Goddess Ixchel (goddess of love and fertility) located just down the tip of the cliff.

Additionally, the site has been embellished with amazing sculptures making perfect harmony with the natural environment, where the beauty of the Caribbean Sea and the work created by man in different stages of history can be contemplated. Here you live with the greatness and emotion of sculpture: the spaces are inundated with beauty and the stage is embracing the work of contemporary sculptors from Mexico and the world. Moreover, the place has beautiful craft shops and "souvenirs" as well as an excellent restaurant where you can enjoy seafood specialties like lobster and international food.

Parque Garrafón

Just 500 meters (1/3 mile) of Villas Coco Resorts, this natural park is known worldwide for its beauty and incredible recreational activities as their majestic "zip line" raising visitors over the sea. Snorkeling alongside colorful fish and coral reefs, kayak and cliffs tours are some of the amazing activities and experiences you can live.

Simply a great place to get in touch with nature, meditate, dream, relax and feel.

Garrafón Reefs Natural Park, an earthly paradise of reefs and cliffs overlooking the turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean gives you memories that will last forever.

Dolphin Discovery

Located less than 4 km (2.5 miles) from Hotel Villas Coco Resorts, visitors can play and swim with dolphins, sea lions and other marine species that inhabit the island. Dolphin Discovery offers all the services that you required for an unforgettable experience as natural ponds, freshwater pools, locker rooms, buffet restaurant where delicious dishes are served, a bar at the seashore to enjoy refreshing drinks, walk-in closets and bathrooms, gift shop and "souvenirs", etc.. With security and quality of services internationally recognized.

Hacienda Mundaca

Unique and extraordinary work created by the pirate Fermin Mundaca y Marecheaga in 1860, this hacienda is located within 1.5 km of Villas Coco Resorts.

According to legend the pirate in love with a native called La Trigeña, built this large property as a way of gallantry, which was rejected by her.

La Hacienda has among other attractions, a small museum in the old house with historical photographs where the Pirate lived, besides it has a hut where Mayan lifestyle is represented with wells, arches, extensive gardens of exotic plants, as well as poultry farm, cattle and a small swamp where crocodiles and turtles live.


An unforgettable site located in the southern part of the island, just 3 km (1.7 miles) Hotel Villas Coco Resorts where visitors can enjoy contact with sea turtles and other species that live in Isla Mujeres. This farm offers a small living museum where you can see different species of animals such as turtles, sea urchins, starfish and jellyfish.

In Tortugranja, the eggs that turtles spawn on the island from May to September are collected, once the turtles born a wonderful activity for the whole family take place: the release of sea turtles on the island beaches.

Tortugranja open daily from 9:00 A.M. at 5:00 P.M.

Isla Mujeres Downtown

The feeling that is experienced here is to be in an original fishing village that has a unique charm. Everyone feel it when walking the cobblestone streets and visiting local shops, the church, the main square… or just sitting under the trees in the park or on the boardwalk overlooking the Eastern sea. There are many restaurants and bars of different styles to enjoy a wonderful lunch or dinner. Villas Hotel Coco Resorts offers daily transportation at different times in Golf Cart to all our guests.